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Evotik’s influencer marketing campaign with Tuxedo Dubai produced 526 videos, garnering 4 million views and an engagement rate of 2.3%, showcasing our expertise in visual storytelling and effective audience connection.

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Introduction About Tuxedo

Tuxedo Dubai, a premier destination for exquisite suits in the heart of Dubai, stands as a market-defining brand showing strong growth. Established with a passion for impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Tuxedo offers a curated collection of ready-made suits tailored to suit every occasion and style preference. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Tuxedo distinguishes itself through a vast selection of premium-quality men’s suits and tuxedos, perfect for every event from formal gatherings to business meetings. Located at the Gold & Diamond Park on Sheikh Zayed Road, Tuxedo Dubai provides in-store tailors for quick, free alterations, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer. Experience luxury and style at Tuxedo, where every suit tells a story of elegance and distinction, making it the go-to destination for those seeking sartorial excellence in Dubai.

Our Video Production Work With Tuxedo

Evotik’s Influencer Marketing Campaign:

Evotik video production team successfully executed a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign that involved creating 526 videos through videography, editing, location scouting, and idea generation.

Impressive View Count and Engagement Rate:

This strategic effort resulted in an impressive achievement of 4 million views and an outstanding engagement rate of 2.3%.

Leveraging Influencer Marketing:

By leveraging the power of influencer marketing and skillfully producing engaging video content, Evotik effectively captured the attention of a wide audience, driving significant viewership and interaction.

Expertise in Visual Storytelling:

This accomplishment showcases Evotik’s expertise in crafting compelling visual narratives and utilizing social media platforms to connect with viewers in a meaningful way.

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