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This case study details how Evotik built a scalable EaaS platform that supercharged Ninja Sellers’ growth, taking them to a multi-million dollar business with 60,000+ sellers.
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A Vision for E-commerce Empowerment

Ninja Sellers, a team of seasoned e-commerce sellers, harbored an ambitious vision. They dreamt of a platform that would empower both aspiring and established sellers to conquer the digital marketplace. Their goal? A custom software application functioning as an e-commerce infrastructure as a service (EaaS). This platform would equip sellers with the necessary tools for a seamless online business launch and accelerated growth.

The Challenge of Building the Dream

However, translating this vision into reality presented a challenge – a lack of in-house developers and a dedicated CTO. Ninja leadership team needed a reliable partner to bridge the gap between their vision and a tangible platform.

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Ninja Sellers Finding the Perfect Partner in Evotik

Evotik, with its expertise in full-stack development and a unique CTO-as-a-Service offering, emerged as the ideal solution. Ninja team was impressed by Evotik’s comprehensive approach, encompassing ongoing support and continuous development. This partnership allowed Ninja Leadership team to focus on their core business strategy with confidence.

Evotik embarked on building a robust, multifaceted platform using cutting-edge technologies. Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and Laravel formed the foundation for a dynamic and user-friendly interface. To ensure efficient backend operations, strategically implemented Node.js microservices were integrated. This powerful architecture catered to both the sellers on the platform and Ninja Sellers’ internal team.

Empowering Ninja Sellers to Go Global

ninja sellers purchase orders dashboardThe platform empowers sellers to navigate a global marketplace, offering products from ten different countries. The intuitive interface simplifies product selection, landing page creation, and sales initiation. Once a sale is secured, Ninja’s team seamlessly handles order fulfillment, logistics, and final profit distribution for the sellers. Furthermore, the platform facilitates product import through a comprehensive purchase order process, allowing sellers to manage their own inventory and pricing strategies.

The project presented significant challenges – ensuring scalability to accommodate growth and managing a vast product database. Evotik’s team, however, rose to the occasion. By employing best practices in development and DevOps methodologies, they ensured the platform’s ability to handle continuous growth.

To tackle the challenge of managing a large product volume, Evotik meticulously implemented caching layers and optimized database queries. Additionally, when necessary, the team strategically adopted alternative technologies to optimize performance. These measures minimized overhead costs and ensured real-time updates for a smooth user experience.

A Thriving Reality: From Vision to Multi-Million Dollar Success

ninja sellers order details dashboardNinja Sellers’ vision has flourished into a thriving reality. The platform has propelled them into a multi-million dollar company, boasting an impressive user base of over 60,000 active sellers. Their unwavering satisfaction with Evotik’s services underscores the success of the partnership. Evotik has become more than just a development partner – they are a trusted advisor and a true CTO, playing a pivotal role in Ninja platform growth since the project’s inception in 2019.

A Testament to Collaboration: Evotik and Ninja Sellers’ Ongoing Journey

Evotik’s ongoing partnership with Ninja Sellers exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving e-commerce success. This case study showcases Evotik’s ability to translate strategic vision into a user-centric platform that scales seamlessly. Together, they empower businesses to achieve their full potential in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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