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How it works?

Simple Software Development Process

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) consists of Plan, Design, Implement, Test, Deploy, Maintain (more). We make it a breeze.


Simple meeting to pick your idea and requirments.


A plan to outline the software we will build for you.

Development & Testing

Development of the software and Full Quality Testing.

Deployment & Support

Software Deployment and helping you keep it up.

What is best for you?

Development services

We offer variety of software development services that align with our vision of bringing your ideas to life and helping you grow your business using the latest technologies available.

MVP Development

Get to market faster with MVP development! We build a core version in under 6 weeks, so you can start gathering user feedback and secure funding based on real data, not just ideas.

Check out our CTO as a Service page

SaaS Development

Make your software as a subscription success! Our SaaS development expertise crafts user-friendly, scalable solutions. Reach a wider audience, generate recurring revenue, and manage everything effortlessly through the cloud.

Custom Software Development

Streamline your operations with custom software! We design applications that perfectly fit your unique needs. Boost efficiency, automate tasks, and gain a competitive edge with software built just for you.

API Development

Connect your software seamlessly. We build secure and well-documented APIs, allowing your software to integrate smoothly with other applications and systems.

ML & AI Development

We specialize in building and training models, we are experts as well in using AI & ML API’s making your next idea very possible regardless how wild you think it is!

Why us for your software development in dubai?

Our 30 seconds Elevator Pitch

So good you’ll never need to look anywhere else. Seriously!


We present as a technical partner for you, that exists to make software development possible for non-technical persons and companies. We love aligning with our mission helping you build a great software and a successful business.


White Glove

On boarding, development, updates, meetings and support all through your work with evotik, no compromise.



less than hiring and runing an in house software development department or your own team.

5X Faster to Market

We help you define a true MVP knowing what works for your idea or requirement and our in place managment system can build it 5X Faster

We make our comprehensive knowledge and experience in

Software & Business

available for you

Technologies we love

More services

Software Development support services

Software development isnt just the the process of creating, rather it involves as well designing, testing, and maintaining software applications.

Software Development Dubai - Evotik


Validate your idea quickly. Prototypes help refine your vision before development begins.

UI/UX Design

Beautiful and Usable. We design user interfaces that are both visually appealing and intuitive.

Software Testing

Confidence in Your Launch. We perform thorough testing to deliver bug-free, reliable software.

Software Deployment

Get Your Software Live. We handle the deployment process for a smooth and secure launch.

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Frequently asked questions

Great question! Actually according to some sources this is true and software development life cycle (SDLC) is a 5 steps process (Requirements Gathering,  Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment) and they can vary from source to source. While according to AWS (amazon web services) SDLC is a 7 step process including Planning, Designing, Implementing (development), Testing, Deployment, Maintaining software.