How to Start a Shopify Store in UAE [2024 Guide]

Shopify Store in UAE

Are you looking to tap into the UAE’s thriving e-commerce market? Starting an online store with Shopify in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and one of the great business ideas in 2024.

Shopify provides a comprehensive platform that simplifies the e-commerce process, making it accessible even to those without technical expertise. This guide explores how to set up your Shopify store in the UAE in particular, focusing on critical aspects such as payment gateways (follow link to check top UAE payment gateways), dropshipping, and local compliance.

Understanding Shopify’s Presence in the UAE

Number of shopify stores in the uae

Shopify, a global leader in e-commerce solutions, has established a robust presence in the United Arab Emirates, catering to a rapidly growing market of digital entrepreneurs and established businesses looking to expand their online operations.

According to it is the most commonly used platform for online stores in the UAE and ranks just above Woocommerce with 17,951 stores as of 17/05/2024 using it (check screenshot for rest of details).

As the e-commerce landscape in the UAE continues to flourish, fueled by a tech-savvy population and a high internet penetration rate, Shopify offers a compelling platform for newcomers and seasoned merchants.

Is Shopify available in the UAE?

Yes, Shopify is fully available and operational in the UAE. This availability allows local businesses to leverage Shopify’s comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to facilitate an online store’s creation, management, and growth. Shopify’s user-friendly interface, extensive app marketplace, and versatile customization options make it attractive for UAE-based entrepreneurs.

Does Shopify work in UAE?

Shopify works seamlessly within the UAE, integrating well with the region’s digital infrastructure. It supports a range of local payment gateways and shipping options, ensuring that businesses can offer a smooth shopping experience to their customers.

Payment gateways like Telr and global players like PayPal and Stripe are available in the UAE, allowing for secure and convenient transactions for e-commerce stores in the UAE.

Furthermore, Shopify’s compatibility with leading shipping providers in the UAE means that businesses can efficiently manage logistics and delivery services, which are crucial aspects of the e-commerce experience.

Moreover, Shopify’s global network provides invaluable resources such as 24/7 customer support, detailed analytics tools, and extensive educational materials, all accessible to UAE users. These resources are instrumental in helping business owners understand their market, optimize their sales strategies, and ultimately achieve tremendous success in e-commerce.

By aligning with local business practices and consumer preferences, Shopify functions effectively in the UAE market and drives innovation and competitiveness among local online businesses.

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Shopify Store in UAE

Step 1: Register and Set Up Your Shopify Account

  • Visit Shopify’s website and sign up for an account.
  • Choose a plan that suits your business needs, considering factors like the number of products and the scale of your operations.

Step 2: Select and Customize Your Shopify Theme

Adding a product to Shopify Store
  • Choose a theme from the Shopify Theme Store that aligns with your brand (many free themes exist).
  • Customize the theme to incorporate your brand colors, logo, and other unique elements.

Step 3: Add Products to Your Shopify Store

  • Create product listings with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing.
  • Organize your products into categories for easy navigation.

Step 4: Set Up Payment Gateways

  • Shopify supports multiple payment gateways, including popular options like PayPal Stripe and local providers such as Telr (you will need to sign up & get approved then connect to your store).
  • Consider the fees, transaction rates, and user experience when selecting your payment gateway.

Step 5: Understand Local Compliance and Licensing Requirements

  • Obtain any business licenses required to operate an e-commerce store in the UAE.
  • Ensure compliance with local laws regarding online sales, consumer protection, and data privacy.

Step 6: Configure Shipping Options

  • Set up local and international shipping rates and policies.
  • Partner with reliable shipping providers in the UAE to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

Shopify Dropshipping in UAE

Dropshipping is a popular method for starting an e-commerce business without a significant upfront investment in inventory. Shopify supports dropshipping through apps like Oberlo, which allows you to source products directly from suppliers.

  • Select a dropshipping niche that suits the market demand in the UAE.
  • Use Shopify’s dropshipping apps to connect with suppliers and add products to your store.

Marketing Your Shopify Store in UAE

  • SEO: Optimize your store for search engines to increase visibility. Use keywords like “Shopify UAE,” “Shopify payment gateway UAE,” and “Shopify stores in UAE.”
  • Social Media: Leverage platforms popular in the UAE, such as Instagram and Facebook, to reach your target audience.
  • Content Marketing: Create valuable content that addresses the needs and interests of your target market.


Let’s get to some of the most frequently asked questions: 

Q: Is a local business license required to operate a Shopify store in UAE?

A: You’ll need to obtain a trade license from the Department of Economic Development or a free zone authority.

Q: What are the best Shopify payment gateways in UAE?

A: Popular choices include PayFort, Telr, and international gateways like PayPal and Stripe, which also work seamlessly in the UAE.

Q: Can I dropship with Shopify in UAE?

A: Yes, Shopify supports dropshipping in the UAE, with several apps available to connect you with suppliers globally.


Establishing a Shopify store in the United Arab Emirates is not just an opportunity—it’s a gateway to tapping into a vibrant and expanding e-commerce landscape. This guide provides you with a roadmap to navigate the complexities of launching and optimizing your online store, ensuring it is well-adapted to meet the preferences and needs of the UAE market.

Success in this dynamic region requires a thoughtful approach to several key elements: selecting appropriate payment gateways that cater to local and international customers, adhering to UAE-specific regulations to ensure compliance and build trust, and crafting marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience.As you embark on your e-commerce journey with Shopify in the UAE, leverage the platform’s robust features and regional adaptability to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With dedication and the right strategies, your online store is well-positioned to thrive in the UAE’s flourishing digital economy.

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