Best 16 Payment Gateways for UAE 2024

Explore the best payment gateways for your UAE e-commerce business. Discover options like Telr, PayPal, and Stripe.

The rapid growth of e-commerce in the UAE, particularly during the pandemic, has underscored the importance of reliable and secure payment gateways. Whether you manage a startup or a large enterprise, choosing the right payment gateway is crucial for scaling your business and providing a smooth customer experience.

Here’s a detailed guide (with comparison of features and prices/fees for each) on the best payment gateways in the UAE for 2024.

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Best 16 Payment Gateways for UAE 2024

Here’s an overview of the best 16 payment gateways for your e-commerce website in the UAE, each offering unique features, costs, and integration options tailored to different business needs and sizes:


One of the most widely recognized and used payment gateways globally, PayPal offers extensive buyer and seller protection services and is known for its ease of use and secure transactions.

It is a good choice for collecting international payments as it allows 26 different currencies from 200 countries.

For merchants in UAE PayPal charges 3.4% + a fixed fee that depends on currency recieved, you can review full details of pricing for merchants here.

Allowed in UAE
Fees3.4% + a fixed fee


Ideal for professionals and businesses to receive international payments, Payoneer offers flexible withdrawal options and company billing services.

With payoneer you get multiple local receiving accounts, means you get to have local accounts in 9+ countries, so for example you get a UK account with UK sort code, Account number and IBAN and a US bank Routing number and Account number. You sure get a UAE account with its Bank name, IBAN.

Getting paid by another Payoneer customer is FREE. For getting paid through a credit card on your store payoneer charges 3.99% (+$0.49 in some cases) for merchants in the UAE. If you recieve a transfer to you payoneer receiving bank account it is free if it is in EUR, GBP & more, while for USD it is up to 1% fee.

Allowed in UAE
Fees for credit card payments3.99% + a fixed fee
Fees for receiving transfersEUR, GBP free, USD 1%

Noon Payments

Originating from the popular e-commerce platform Noon, Noon Payments caters specifically to the Middle Eastern market with features designed to optimize regional customer experiences.

This gateway is part of an competitor in the UAE and although it is relatively new to the market but it is adapted by several respected merchants not only in the UAE but across the MENA region.

It offers the option of payment links, which can be a good option for people starting new. Noon have followed tabby (a big fintech startup in the market of installments) and now offers easy monthly installments mode of payment.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024


Ideal for businesses looking to expand locally and internationally, Telr supports multiple currencies and offers various customization options for the checkout process. It is known for its robust security measures and easy integration with popular e-commerce platforms.

Telr company is Dubai based and accepts range of payment methods like mada cards and support SADAD + STC pay payment systems (so it is great if looking to expand to KSA). They offer a 3 tier pricing with monthly payment subscription that you pay. Its pricing depend mainly on your monthly sales volume

Allowed in UAE
FeesSales less than 20K AED
– AED 349 / month
– 0% + 0 per transactions (no transaction fees)

Sales between 20K and 50K AED
– AED 149 / month
– 2.69% + AED 1 per transaction

Sales more than 50K AED
– AED 99 / month
– 2.49% + AED 0.5 per transaction

Amazon Payment Services

Previously known as PayFort, but after was acquired by Amazon it wa renamed to Amazon Payment Services this gateway is tailored for Arab online buying habits and preferences, offering smooth integration and extensive customer support.

Amazon made the payment gateway available in 9 countries in the MENA region including GCC: SA, AE, QA, BH, OM, KW and it is available in Egypt and Jordan as well.

Pricing is there and clear, depends on the country of the merchant. For merchants from the UAE there are 2 tiers, for those with less than 300K AED sales per month it is 2.8% + AED 1 per transaction and there is a monthly fee of AED 200. For those making above that number the fees are custom and discounts are promised.

Allowed in UAE
FeesSales less than 300K AED
– AED 200 / month
– 2.8% + 1 per transactions

Sales more than 300K AED
– Not on website as of 28/04/2024


Known for its innovative solutions like the ‘PayPage,’ PayTabs offers straightforward, secure online payment solutions with capabilities to cater to SMEs and large enterprises alike.

It offers “paymes” which enables payment with a link or via QR which are great tools for new businesses. They also accept Mada cards and support STC payments systems.

Their pricing is made into 3 tiers: flexi, standard and advanced plans. They charge setup fee of $250-$500 for setting you up with their gateway. Their transaction fees goes down to 2.85% + AED 1 per transaction.

Allowed in UAE
FeesFlexi Plan
– 2.9% + 1 per transactions
Standard plan
– 2.85% + 1 per transactions
Advanced plan
– 2.85% + 1 per transactions


Specifically designed for the MENA region, CashU caters to consumers who do not have traditional banking facilities. It’s a popular choice for online gaming and entertainment sites due to its prepaid online payment method.

Pricing and further details are harder to reach on CashU although it is disclosed as a Dubai based company. So we will concider this as an obsolete option when concidering a payment gateway.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNo sign up method or fees are on website as of 28/04/2024

Checkout allows businesses to process online payments globally with a strong focus on the Middle East, providing features like high acceptance rates, real-time data, and comprehensive fraud protection.

It is a British company, more international oriented accepting several international payment methods. They have no disclose price but promise a transparent flat rate based on your business profile and its risk category.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024


A global payment platform that supports transactions in multiple currencies and offers a range of payment methods. 2Checkout is known for its flexibility in handling recurring payments and global e-commerce capabilities.

It is also an international player with clear pricing structure. If you are selling a product you are charged 3.5% + $0.35 (~AED 1.3) per transaction, while if you are selling a subscription you are charged 4.5% + $0.45 (~AED 1.7) per transaction. They offer several service which can turn useful for SaaS businesses like 2Bill (for complex subscription managment) and 2Recover ( for increase renewal recover).

Allowed in UAE
FeesPhysical Products
– 3.5% + $0.35 (~AED 1.3)
Subscription based service
– 4.5% + $0.45 (~AED 1.7)
Digital Products
– 6% + $0.6 (~AED 2.2)


One of the leading payment gateways in the Middle East, offering many payment options. CCAvenue is recognized for its multilingual checkout page and dynamic currency conversion features.

They are based in India while have a branch in Dubai and provide their services to merchants in the UAE among other countries. They offer several products including e-com stores.

They offer one pricing which is a AED 200 / month plus a 3.0% + AED 1 per transaction or alternatively custom pricing on contacting them.

Allowed in UAE
Fees– AED 200 / month
– 3.0% + AED 1 per transaction


A Visa solution, Cybersource provides extensive fraud management tools and secure electronic payment and risk management solutions, making it ideal for businesses looking for reliable transaction processing.

They offer many products and solutions but have no prices disclosed on their website.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024


A newer player with competitive pricing, Paycaps offers customized payment solutions designed for high conversion rates on mobile and desktop platforms.

They are Dubai based and offer services such payment links, and integrations with many CMS softwares support ecommerce stores. They do offer a white label payment gateway.

They have no pricing disclosed on their website and for that you need to contact them so one of their sales team can get back to you.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024


Renowned for being the fastest-growing payment gateway in the MENA region, Hyperpay provides direct connections to significant card associations and a comprehensive suite of payment solutions.

They have many branches and one of them is in Dubai, and they offer several services including a billing service, an automated 3rd party split payment, a reporting solution.

Their website shows no prices while you can sign up direct on their website.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024


A major global player, Stripe excels with its developer-friendly environment, supporting complex payment needs and providing extensive APIs for custom integration.

This gateway is one of the most widely used by online stores and SaaS business at global scale, it support many international payment methods, and has so many products including checkout, payment links, kyc, and split payments with 3rd parties.

They started supporting UAE in 2021, and has a Dubai FreeZone branch. Their pricing as per their website is 2.9% + $0.3 (~AED 1.1) per transaction for the gateway / checkout product but it is different for other products like invoicing or stripe connect (split with merchants for market places).

Allowed in UAE
Fees2.9% + $0.3 (~AED 1.1) per transaction


A digital wallet launched by First Abu Dhabi Bank, Payit offers seamless payment options and is gaining traction for its cashless transaction capabilities.

It has many features and products including a marketplace where you can directly start selling! They do support QR payments and integrated payment gateway on your website service as well.

They charge no monthly fees according to their fees page. But there are no details on transaction fees on their website.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024


Known for its low-cost international transfers, Skrill is popular among businesses that engage in global e-commerce, providing instant transfers and a prepaid card linked to the account.

They do offer an electronic wallet as well as ready integrations with many platforms such as Shopify & WooCommerce. They allow merchants from the UAE as per several sources, but they list no prices or fee structures on their website.

Allowed in UAE
FeesNot on website as of 28/04/2024

As you can see ach gateway offers different features, costs, and integration options, catering to various business needs and sizes, and many have different products that are outside the scope of this list.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a crucial component in the e-commerce landscape, acting as the intermediary between an e-commerce website and the financial institution that processes payment transactions. It serves as a digital bridge, securely facilitating the transfer of information between a transaction portal (like a website or mobile app) and the bank. 

When a customer enters their payment details on an e-commerce platform or his website, the payment gateway securely transmits this information to the payment processor or bank to carry out the transaction, ensuring that sensitive data like credit card numbers are encrypted and securely handled to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.

So whenever you have a digital startup idea, one of the first things to concider and start preparing is the payment gateway (how you will securely charge your customers for goods or service).

Types of Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways for UAE 2024

The types of payment gateways available cater to different business needs, ensuring secure and efficient transaction processes. Here’s a breakdown of the primary types:

  1. Hosted Payment Gateways: These gateways direct customers away from the e-commerce site to the payment service provider’s platform to complete their transactions. This method is popular due to its enhanced security measures, as the gateway’s secure servers handle the transaction details. Examples of hosted payment gateways include PayPal and Stripe.
  2. Self-hosted Payment Gateways: The e-commerce site collects payment information directly on its platform in this setup. This gives merchants more control over the entire checkout and payment process, as all data is handled internally. However, it also places the responsibility for security compliance, such as PCI DSS, directly on the merchant.
  3. API-hosted Payment Gateways: These gateways allow for a seamless integration of payment services into an e-commerce site or app through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). They balance customization and security, enabling businesses to maintain the look and feel of their brand while ensuring transactions are secure.
  4. Local Bank Integration Gateways: These gateways link directly with local banks, reducing the intermediaries involved in the transaction process. This can lead to lower transaction costs and more straightforward payment processing, making it an appealing option for businesses primarily dealing with customers from specific regions or countries.

Each type of payment gateway has its own set of advantages and may suit different business models and needs. Choosing the right type depends on factors like the desired level of control, compliance requirements, customer experience, and cost efficiency.

How Payment Gateways Work

Payment gateways are essential mechanisms in e-commerce that facilitate secure and efficient transactions between customers and merchants. Here’s a straightforward explanation of how they typically work:

  1. Checkout Initiation: When a customer decides to purchase an item, they proceed to checkout. At this stage, the payment gateway can operate in one of two ways: it might keep the customer on the merchant’s website or redirect them to a secure external page hosted by the payment gateway.
  2. Secure Transmission of Payment Details: Customers enter their payment details, such as credit card or bank account numbers. The payment gateway securely encrypts sensitive information to protect it from interception by unauthorized parties.
  3. Transaction Authentication: The payment gateway sends the encrypted payment details to the relevant financial network (like Visa or MasterCard) or bank for verification. This includes checking the fund’s availability and validating the transaction against potential fraud.
  4. Transaction Approval or Denial: The transaction is either approved or denied based on the verification results. If approved, the funds are transferred from the customer’s account to the merchant’s.
  5. Confirmation of Transaction Outcome: Both the merchant and the customer receive a notification about the success or failure of the transaction. This confirmation is typically displayed on the website and may be emailed.

Choosing a Payment Gateway in Dubai

When choosing how you collect payments from your customers we recommend that you consider the following when selecting a payment gateway:

  • Security: Ensure PCI DSS compliance and robust fraud protection.
  • Features: Look for gateways that support multiple currencies and payment methods.
  • Fees: Compare setup costs, transaction fees, and monthly charges.
  • Ease of Integration: Check for compatible e-commerce platforms and API availability.
  • Local Support: Consider customer service options and language support.

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Choosing the right payment gateway is crucial for your e-commerce success in Dubai. Partners like Evotik can significantly enhance this transition by offering tailored solutions that align with regional requirements and your business goals. As Dubai continues to emerge as a global e-commerce hub, partnering with Evotik will position your business at the forefront of this dynamic market.

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