Better Hire a CTO as a Service [2024], Why?

As a start, a CTO is simply your Chief technology officer, and in human readable terms he is the very technical person at your startup, but not only that, he is an executive thus should have input in management and vision of your company

A chief technology officer (CTO) is the executive in charge of an organization’s technological needs as well as its research and development (R&D).

Why do you need a CTO at a Startup?

Sven Herzing, CTO at Talabat

A CTO is crucial for overseeing the technological direction of a company, ensuring that IT strategies align with business objectives. This role is pivotal in driving innovation, optimizing tech operations, and implementing new systems that propel the company forward, especially in industries where technology rapidly evolves.

This employee also plays a key role in decision-making processes, bridging the gap between technical teams and executive management. By understanding both the operational and strategic facets of technology, he or she ensures that the company not only keeps up with current tech trends but is also can use them for it’s competitive advantage.

Most start-ups decide to make their first CTO hire during the seed stage because they want enough time to share their vision and long-term plans to scale it over time.

How to hire a CTO?

6 Minutes about qualities you should look after

To hire a Chief Technology Officer, first establish the salary range, typically between $50,000 and $200,000 annually, reflecting the role’s expertise and responsibility. Second, Define the essential responsibilities and required technical skills to find the right match.

Utilize industry networks, professional recruitment agencies, or specialized tech job portals to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. This strategic approach helps in reaching potential candidates who can drive technological advancements in your company.

Assess candidates for their technical proficiency, leadership qualities, and strategic thinking. Ensure they fit well with your company’s culture and can communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical teams. Involving key stakeholders in the interview process provides diverse perspectives, essential for selecting the right candidate.

The only other option of course being to partner with a technical person and him acting as a CTO in return for 30-50% equity at your company (note that even those you hire require equity percentage most of the time). For that to happen, it is either a friend or someone you would go out to search for at meetups and summits.

Evotik CTO as a Service

Evotik Logo - CTO as a Service

Based of Evotik vision for enabling non-technical Entrepreneurs pursuing digital startups, it has launched a service which through it acts as your Technical Co-founder and CTO with zero-equity for a fairly low subscription fee, that you can pause or cancel any time.

Evotik team and founders will act as a true Co-Founder, helping you shape the technology in your company advising you in technical and business matters. They will as well build your MVP after setting it’s definition in 4-6 weeks in order to start your first marketing efforts, and set you at better position to secure your first funding.

What makes this service unique is that you get your startup up and runing in a fairly short time which lowers your risk, at the same time no contracts or strings attached here, so you can pause or cancel the service any time.

You will enjoy being served and partnered with a long experienced company in both Software Development and business, making your success a more likely event. Under the hood, you will get all what your startup would need on it’s technical side, leaving you to focus completly on the business side of it, which is your primary goal all along.


A zero-equity technical co-founder service that assists founders in realizing their vision, engaging users, and securing product-market alignment.

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