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Project Category : E-commerce

About Client

Real Cosmetics holds a dominant position in the Jordanian market as a cosmetics retailer, boasting 12 branches across the country. Their extensive assortment of high-quality cosmetic products caters to a wide audience. Seeking to broaden their reach and offer customers a convenient shopping experience, they opted to venture into e-commerce.

About Project

Real Cosmetics, a leading cosmetics retailer in Jordan, embraced the online market by building an e-commerce platform to expand their reach beyond their physical stores. The platform we designed not only showcases their diverse product range, but also ensures an effortless shopping experience for their customers.


Real Cosmetics, a renowned cosmetics retailer in Jordan with 12 branches, sought our expertise to create an online shopping platform. The e-commerce platform we designed caters to their need for a user-friendly digital space to exhibit and sell their comprehensive array of products.


Our collaboration with Real Cosmetics entailed the development of a full-fledged e-commerce platform. Built to their specific requirements, the platform provides an online catalog for their wide range of products, complete with an intuitive checkout process. Our work involved integrating secure payment gateways, managing product listings, and ensuring the platform was scalable and robust enough to handle traffic and transactions efficiently.


The e-commerce platform we developed served as a catalyst for Real Cosmetics' venture into the online retail space, leading to a significant growth in their business. The platform's user-friendly interface and seamless shopping experience have attracted a larger customer base, allowing Real Cosmetics to extend their reach beyond their physical stores and mark a strong online presence.