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Project Category : Software Development

About Client

With a comprehensive portfolio of training programs and a history of collaboration with numerous governmental institutions, ITI has firmly established itself as a prominent training provider in the UAE. Their dedication to nurturing talent and imparting essential skills aligns perfectly with the UAE's vision for a skilled and capable workforce.

About Project

ITI, a leading provider of diversified training programs in the UAE, collaborates with us to amplify their training delivery and student engagement. Our ongoing partnership includes the creation of multiple training platforms that facilitate efficient training delivery, comprehensive documentation, and accurate performance evaluation.


We've maintained a fruitful and long-standing partnership with ITI, during which we've taken on the challenge of developing several advanced training platforms tailored to their needs. These platforms range from training delivery and assessment systems to comprehensive documentation tools.


Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the creation of diverse platforms that facilitate various aspects of training delivery. This includes platforms for pre- and post-training documentation, quizzes, evaluation, and certification. Beyond the realm of platform development, we have designed numerous websites and landing pages for different training programs, further bolstering ITI's online presence. We also aid their growth and visibility through strategic digital marketing initiatives.


Our collaboration with ITI has significantly empowered their training delivery and participant engagement. By providing tools that streamline training delivery and assessment, we've helped ITI deliver an extensive number of training sessions and grow robustly in the training and development sector within the UAE.