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Saudi Arabia

Project Category : Software Development

About Client

As the technological arm of the Saudi Arabian government, MCIT is tasked with spearheading the Kingdom's digital transformation. Their initiatives cover a wide range of sectors, from infrastructure to digital content, ultimately aiming to create a digital government, economy, and society.

About Project

MCIT, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia, sought our expertise to drive its digital transformation efforts. A significant part of this transformation was the development and implementation of an effective Objective Key Result (OKR) system, designed to revolutionize the ministry's employee performance tracking methods.


Our partnership with MCIT, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, was primarily focused on the development of an OKR (Objective Key Result) System. This comprehensive system was designed to enhance their ability to track employee performance effectively and with high accuracy.


In collaboration with CaseinPoint Company based in Jordan, we developed the entire OKR system from scratch according to MCIT's precise specifications. Following the system's development, we deployed it on their local servers within the Ministry, ensuring secure and efficient operation.


The OKR system's implementation has led to a significant improvement in the ministry's ability to monitor and assess employee performance. It effectively replaced their pre-existing KPI system, providing more flexibility and a greater degree of measurement accuracy. The system's success is a testament to the potential of digital transformation in government entities.