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Project Category : Innovation & Technology

About Client

The Abu Dhabi Government is renowned for its forward-thinking approach towards integrating technology into public services. By striving to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, it aims to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of its services to the residents of the UAE. In line with this vision, it sought to harness the power of AI to enhance the ability of its various institutions to innovate.

About Project

The Abu Dhabi Government, as part of its initiative to integrate advanced technology and drive innovation, enlisted our services to create a unique AI-based system for evaluating the potential of innovation within various sectors. This involved the development of 'Testa', a tailor-made AI solution to assess and grade innovation potentials across multiple governmental institutions.


In our collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Government, we developed 'Testa', an AI system designed specifically to assess and grade the innovation potential within several governmental institutions. This project was a testament to the Abu Dhabi Government's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and technological advancement within its organizations.


Our partnership with the Abu Dhabi Government spanned several of its departments, including the Department of Government Support, the Human Resource Authority, the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, and the Abu Dhabi School of Government. We built 'Testa' from scratch, incorporating high security standards to comply with strict cyber security policies. The system was designed to not only assess individual employees' innovation potential but also facilitate optimal team formation based on individuals' innovation profiles.


The AI system, 'Testa', has proven instrumental in enhancing the Abu Dhabi Government's innovation capabilities. It has been used to train and certify hundreds of employees, effectively evaluating their innovation potential and aiding in their placement within innovation-centric teams. As such, it has played a crucial role in fostering a robust culture of innovation within the Abu Dhabi Government.