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Mapping the Journey to Conversion.

Awareness Stage
Cultivating Brand Recognition and Audience Expansion
TikTok Engagement
Promoting brand visibility and product placement on TikTok's For You Page.

Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing visibility across all search platforms, facilitating customer discovery and learning.

Public Relations
Securing features on prominent media outlets for enhanced brand recognition.

Programmatic Outreach
Amplifying brand awareness through high-impact media channels.

Pay-Per-Click (Non-Branded Search)
Minimizing ineffective ad expenditure, focusing on advertisements that resonate with audiences.

Influencer Collaboration
Harnessing the influence and credibility of notable figures within audience communities.

Social Media Prospecting
Leveraging social media's reach to engage with untapped audiences.

Amazon (Non-Branded Search)
Augmenting e-commerce presence on Amazon's platform.

Consideration Stage
Nurturing Leads and Establishing Authentic Connections
Social Media Engagement
Fostering authentic relationships with audiences via social media platforms.

Content Strategy
Creating informative and engaging content that resonates at each stage of the customer journey.

Affiliate Partnerships
Leveraging a motivated salesforce that is remunerated upon successful conversions.

Branded Search (PPC)
Curbing wasteful ad spending by focusing on desired ads.

Amazon (Branded Search)
Broadening e-commerce footprint on Amazon.

Conversion Stage
Driving Revenue Growth through Customer Conversion
Conversion Rate Optimization
Maximizing traffic utility through increased clicks, sign-ups, and sales.

Strategic Partnerships
Formulating innovative, relationship-focused campaigns with brands and celebrities to tap into new audiences and bolster marketing resources.

Social Ads (Retargeting)
Mitigating churn and enhancing customer lifetime value with precise targeting in paid social retargeting.

Marketing Operations
Employing automation and optimization tactics to acquire a larger customer base.

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