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Email marketing can be incredibly powerful, we’ll show you how to do it right.

Don’t listen to anyone that says email marketing is dead. Statistics show it’s still one of the most effective revenue generating channels businesses can use – but it has to be done right.

Relevant messages

Forget boring, bland emails that aren’t relevant to you customers… We go deeper into what interests your audience, offering targeted email campaigns that will engage your customers and get results.

We’ll work with you to help produce emails that your customers actually want to open, giving them a wide range of content and information about your business that they are genuinely interested in.

Cost effective marketing

Per customer email marketing is incredibly cheap when compared to other marketing channels, making it one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to talk directly to customers.

It’s also very effective in terms of results. If you run an online store, email marketing is an essential way to generate traffic and build revenue. If your business doesn’t sell it’s products or services online, email marketing can be just as effective and a huge drive behind business.

Targeting & segmentation

Getting a bit technical, we love to use personalization, targeting and segmentation to make email marketing as effective as possible. When used correctly, these methods can be the key to increase open rates, click through rates and ultimately revenue.

Sometimes this can be as simple as using a customer’s name in the text of the email. At the more advanced end, this could be using customer data to tailor an email specifically for a key segments or groups, which is how email marketing can change from a bland, boring and generic message into something relevant and specific to each customer.

Something unique?

Got something that’s a bit different? Give us some details and we’ll get in touch.

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