27 04, 2019

A new era for enterprise IT – TechCrunch – Evotik

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Aaron Levie is the Chief Executive Officer of Box. More posts by this contributor Now the cloud wars (really) begin The Industrialist’s Dilemma [...]

7 04, 2019

On balance, the cloud has been a huge boon to startups – TechCrunch – Evotik

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Today’s startups have a distinct advantage when it comes to launching a company because of the public cloud. You don’t have to build [...]

18 01, 2019

Google remains the top open-source contributor to CNCF projects – TechCrunch – Evotik

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According to the latest data from Stackalytics, a project founded by Mirantis and hosted by the OpenStack Foundation that visualizes a company’s contribution [...]

29 06, 2018

Big tech companies are looking at Hollywood as the next stage in their play for the cloud – TechCrunch – Evotik

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This week, both Microsoft and Google made moves to woo Hollywood to their cloud computing platforms in the latest act of the unfolding [...]

26 10, 2017

Amazon debuts Cloud Cam and Key to take on Nest, August and others in home security – Evotik

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Amazon wants to be the hub for your connected home, and today the company announced two new products that will help it fill [...]