20 02, 2019

Five settings to secure your iPhone or iPad – TechCrunch – Evotik

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iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile software for iPhone and iPad, is out. The new software packs in a bunch of new security and [...]

11 02, 2019

Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker is just for employees and health insurance members – TechCrunch – Evotik

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Fitbit has a new fitness tracker, but it’s one that you can’t buy in stores. The company quietly uncorked the Inspire on Friday, [...]

2 02, 2019

Apple’s long-time Siri leader reportedly no longer in charge – TechCrunch – Evotik

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The man who has headed up Siri at Apple since 2012 is no longer at the helm, according to The Information. Bill Stasior remains [...]

15 01, 2019

Rumor suggests Apple’s AirPower mat has finally gone into production – TechCrunch – Evotik

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In 2017, Apple announced the Qi-compatible AirPower Mat, a device that would charge multiple devices at once simply by placing them on the [...]

6 01, 2019

New Apple voice phishing scam looks just like a real support call – TechCrunch – Evotik

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A new voice phishing scam is going after iPhone users in a clever new way: by making calls seem like they are coming [...]

31 12, 2018

Smart speakers hit critical mass in 2018 – TechCrunch – Evotik

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We already know Alexa had a good Christmas — the app shot to the top of the App Store over the holidays, and [...]

28 12, 2018

Two years later, I still miss the headphone port – TechCrunch – Evotik

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Two years ago, Apple killed the headphone port. I still haven’t forgiven them for it. When Apple announced that the iPhone 7 would [...]

19 12, 2018

Cydia shuts down purchasing mechanism for its jailbreak app store – TechCrunch – Evotik

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Years after becoming one of the go-to destinations for iOS jailbreaks, Cydia’s app store is disabling purchases. Users will be able to access [...]

10 12, 2018

The Apple Watch’s ECG feature goes live today – TechCrunch – Evotik

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ECG/EKG was easily the new Apple Watch’s most lauded feature. It’s also been the most delayed. Of course, this kind of serious health [...]