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My name is Don ( // I was hosting Meetup events in San Francisco from 2015-2018 for VR/AR founders. It became really clear the value of events is the ability to meet others in the audience, and have those MOMENTS OF SERENDIPITY.

We’re bringing this back with where you set up a private or public room for you and your friends, turn all of yourselves into 3D avatars, and then converse in the room just like at a real event.
Well, kinda 🙂

Except now each person in the room has a floating hologram of their name above their head, and a social profile associated with their avatar when you click on their character. This means anyone you meet at virtual events from now on, can be someone you stay connected with forever.

The reason community organisers like myself host events is to help the audience meet others in the audience who can make an impact on their life or work. This app was built out of that mission and recreating that feeling in our world.

-Don Stein

If I can do ANYTHING to help, let me know on linkedin or email don @

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