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I wanted to try out the YouTube Data API and upon realising there was no easy way to categorise YouTube workout videos by body part I came up with this simple idea for a web app.

The sorting of the videos you see on the public feed is influenced by the numbers of ‘saves’ the videos get, so an engaged community of YTWorkout users will help to bring the best videos to the front page.

There’s a neat feature which lets you add a video to the platform and your saved list extremely quickly by just pasting in the URL, if the video already exists on the platform then you won’t be asked to categorise it and the video will simply be added to your ‘Saved’ list; if it’s a new video then you’ll be asked to categorise it.

Hopefully this will be useful way for people to better categorise their favourite workout videos – i’m more than open to user feedback and suggestions!

– Sam Alexander


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