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We are launching WhatFund.in πŸš€

Several #mutualfunds in India show 50%+ growth today. This is due to the booming recovery from the Indian stock market crash a year back. To help you judge realistic performance better, we’ve opened up an internal tool, available at WhatFund.in

This 50%+ growth you see on most platforms is calculated using only 2 observations – the value last march, and the value today. That tells you how much the market grew from exactly 1 year back, but no information about any other dates.

WhatFund.in uses rolling returns – which takes into consideration observations across each day of a fund’s existence. This way, you can make an informed decision regarding the regularity of the fund. Past performance is never an indicator of future success. This tool is intended to help rationalise past performance analysis. Play around and tell us, if it helps you.

– Nitish Varma


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