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The GoPro app is now called Quik, built for your phone or GoPro.

Release notes:

• Mural is here—a unique and fluid new way to revisit favorite moments
• Clean, new layout with streamlined gallery to find favs fast
• Powerful, easy-to-use tools, exclusive themes, premium filters, GoPro Originals music
• Multi-speed video tool for slo-mo emphasis at various points within one clip

With just a few taps, Quik transforms photos and videos from your iPhone or GoPro into incredible highlight videos. Then, find your favs fast with an all-new interactive Mural feature that puts your must-see moments front and center. You also get GoPro-exclusive filters, tools, themes and original music to take your edits to the next level. And don’t forget, Quik is your one-stop shop for offloading HERO and MAX footage, plus remote camera control from your phone.

– Chris Messina


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