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Hey Product Hunters 👋

I’m excited to introduce Product Buffs to the community! 🙌

Think of us as a productized service that helps teams avoid building the wrong thing. We do this by providing 5 weeks of hands-on coaching to founders, product teams or anyone launching a new offering.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to run a reliable and repeatable product discovery process so they can ship propositions that hit the mark and move business metrics.

I previously built and sold two tech companies (Soundwave was acquired by Spotify in 2016, @RetroPatents was sold on Shopify Exchange in 2018). I just finished up after 5 years as a Product Lead at Spotify where I helped ship products like Duo, the Kids app and the New Family plan.

Before the exits, I’d also built a ton of products that failed miserably (eg wrong market, poor timing, bad execution). I’ve literally wasted years of my life in startup limbo. There’s nothing worse that putting your heart and soul into something, only to see it fall short.

So after tinkering with and developing a unique product discovery process, I decided to start Product Buffs to help other teams navigate around the same issues. The course offers the following content and training through our own in-house tooling:

🤝 5 weeks of interactive coaching led by myself
🔮 Week 1 – How to craft a compelling product vision
🧪 Week 2 – Foundational research techniques to falsify assumptions
🌲 Week 3 – The best way to generate broad and effective hypotheses
🎨 Week 4 – Visualisation methods to bring multiple solutions to life
📱 Week 5 – Quick and cheap validation approaches

Get in touch today if you’d like to learn more.

I’ll be around all day and I’d welcome any feedback! 🤙

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