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Hey everyone. Today we’ve released our new UI kit for Figma that includes components built using auto layout and variants.

Detaching is okay! Since Figma should be a playground for design exploration, rather than a prescriptive or constraining guide, we’ve enabled detaching so you can use it as needed. 

Variants have also been created for most components. The variants sidebar now includes a toggle to enable components for small screens (instead of using a separate component). Add a component as you normally would, and then toggle that component for the small screen variation.. Variants also add component states, and other variations. Read more about variants. 

Auto layout has been applied to some components like action lists and banners. More complex components, like cards, do not have auto layout applied. We’ve done this to keep more complex components more adaptable, versatile, and free to play with for audiences new to or experienced with Figma. 

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