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✨ I built a new mini startup this week

I found a new idea while πŸ›£ road tripping in πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή Portugal

At lots of restaurants/cafes/bars here in Portugal (and in other places in US/EU) you now need to scan a QR code that’s on the table to see the menu

This is to avoid 🦠 Corona sticking to the menu and infecting you or the staff

I’d think there’d be some service doing this but most of the menus I’ve scanned are a self-hosted page on the restaurant’s site

Many suck, are slow to load, slow to scroll on mobile etc.

Then I thought:
– many venues don’t even have sites to host menus on
– managers/owners are usually not very tech
– there’s over 1M+ restaurants/cafes/bars in the world
– after Corona these QR menus will probably stay because there’s benefits to it like dynamically changing menu

So I started looking if it already existed, it did but:
– the majority are just random QR code creators, not much dedicated to restaurant/cafe menus
– most of the menu builders that do exist are really complicated, convoluted or too technical

That there’s competition means the market is validated, and that the competition isn’t that great means I can make something better and more simple, so a few days ago I started coding.

It’s now a stand alone QR menu editor and generator featuring live preview on your phone while you edit.

It generates a menu like this:

You can then print the QR codes and stick them on your restaurant/cafe table:

The biggest challenge here is reaching restaurant owners, so I’d love your feedback on that. Maybe I’ll just go visit them IRL! Hope you like it πŸ™‚

🚨 Update: I got the first real world user:

Some restaurant from UK:


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