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Hey everyone! Munish here from Selfocus. I am incredibly excited to share with you the public launch of our Chrome extension.

I hate to break it to you, but you are losing focus. You are not as productive and focused as you used to be. But it’s not just you, in a recent survey of 3000 respondents, about 40% said they feel less productive than usual during the pandemic. 🕒

To help support you through this time of crisis, we’ve built Selfocus! 😇

Selfocus is a chrome extension that replaces your default new tab page with a personal dashboard using which you can- create work sessions, create to-do lists, and block distracting websites. Our inspiring Nature backgrounds and Zen music keep you calm and focused.

These methods are scientifically proven to be efficient in increasing your focus and productivity while reducing stress.

• New-tab dashboard
• Minimalistic design
• Assign daily goals
• Create work sessions
• Block distracting websites
• Momentum inspired backgrounds
• Calming Zen music
• Inspirational quotes
• Session timer
• To-do list
• Inbuilt Google search bar
• (More features coming soon)

Feel free to ask any questions. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! 😄

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