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Hi Product Hunters!

This is my first app powered by OpenAI.

🤔 Problem
This year has been weird, and I’ve had a harder time getting motivation to work on things. I was trying to build new things but also lacking in ideas. @marckohlbrugge and me then started hacking on OpenAI’s new GPT-3 API and I thought “okay if I can’t come up with ideas, maybe let the AI come up with ideas?”

💡 Solution
I send GPT-3 a prompt of pre-defined good ideas from existing startups. It then uses its autoregressive language model w/ deep learning to generate new product and business ideas.

Because GPT-3 still has a hard time judging if ideas are good or bad, ideas can be liked/disliked by you and rise to the top. So it’s kind of human-augmented AI.

💳 Monetization
The API costs money, so I need to make that back. So if you like an idea, you can claim it, pay $99 and it gets removed from the site. (kinda like those hiphop beat sell sites).

I hope you like it and get inspired from these ideas to create something!

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