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Hi Product Hunt!

Pricing Freelance Projects is the book I’ve always wanted to write, born through chance.

I’ve been freelancing as a web developer (WordPress/JavaScript) for the last 11 years.

When I began pricing my work, I did so without knowing:

– What pricing methods to use
– What to charge for my work
– How to ensure that I got paid in line with what I was worth

As time went by, and with a keen interest in business, I started to study pricing heavily.

Through my learnings, experience and experiments, I priced myself to a consistent six-figure yearly freelance career.

Since my success as a freelancer, friends and other freelancers started to come to me for advice on their own careers, leading me to start sharing more of my thoughts on social media to help a wider audience.

In June 2020, I posted a Twitter thread summarising my experience, learning and knowledge of pricing freelance projects and it went viral.

The thread has received 37,100 likes, 11,200 retweets and over 3,000,000 impressions.

Freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs across all industries got in touch to offer their praise for the condensed version of my approach; and many wanted to know more.

I’d already thought about writing a book on pricing for freelancers, but this response was the catalyst.

I knew that it was time to write this book.

I set myself a deadline, dropped everything to start writing and set up a pre-order landing page.

The book received 229 pre-orders and generated $4,351 in revenue while I was writing it.

Now, Pricing Freelance Projects is here and I’m super proud of it!

It’s a ~30,000-word book, across 135 pages, divided into 59 easy to digest sections.

It covers everything that I’ve learned in a decade of pricing real-word freelance work.

Early readers have given 5-star reviews and I’m humbled at the level of interest my vantage point on pricing has received.

I wrote Pricing Freelance Projects because I see skilled freelancers every day who can charge more for their services.

I’m posting on Product Hunt in the hope that more of these people get to know about the book.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, I’ll be happy to answer!


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