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Hello, PH!

Almost 2 years ago I built DailyWall as a weekend project. It was a neat little free app that would change your wallpaper at 10AM every day, with an added option of skipping/rewinding if you had DailyWall Pro.

Since the launch, the app had over 2300 downloads, was featured in a DailyTekk YouTube video and got 300+ Pro users (thanks for all the support!)

Recently due to worldwide lockdowns I found myself having a lot of free weekends, so naturally, it was time to revitalize the old weekend project.

Enter DailyWall 2.0 for Mac and iOS 🎉

DailyWall 2.0 is a ground-up rewrite of the app, made 100% in Swift which compared to v1 made the app ~11.5x smaller in size and reduces memory usage by ~21x which gave me a bit of Twitter success 😅


And it’s loaded with new features

🔸 Beautiful new UI. I mean, just look at it!
🔸 New, equally beautiful logo!
🔸 New collection & categories. DailyWall 2.0 has over 2200 photos, and they’re broken down into 9 categories you can select.
🔸 Favorites. You can now save your favorite wallpapers and come back to them later.
🔸 Custom wallpaper change time. Don’t feel like 10AM does it for you? You can change it now!
🔸 iCloud sync. You can now use DailyWall on multiple devices and sync your preferences and favorites.
🔸 Match wallpapers. If you are running DailyWall on multiple Macs connected to the same iCloud account, it can now match your wallpapers on all of them.
🔸 iOS version! It’s not out yet cause Apple needs to approve it first, but it’s ready and it’s coming within a week or so. iOS version has all the same features as the desktop one (with a minor limitation of you having to set the wallpaper manually due to iOS rules) and it absolutely rocks.

And that’s it 🙂
If you found any of this interesting, do feel free to check out the app and let me know what you think!

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