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👋 Hey PH,

After relentless testing and gathering user feedback, we’re happy to share an extension that will help leaders and their teams add the missing productivity piece to their calendar and video calls.

Here’s a couple ways this extension has improved our meetings:
• 📅 Google Calendar: View and check off next steps directly from your Google Calendar
• 📹 Google Meet: Interact with your meeting agenda directly in Google Meet video call
• 📄 Google Drive integration: Edit Google docs and sheets within your agenda

Other key Soapbox features (also built in)
• 🤝 Collaborate on shared meeting agendas and notes
• 📚 Built-in library of suggested questions and agenda templates
• 📝 Automatically send meeting notes to the team once the meeting is finished
• ✅ Document, track, and follow-up on next steps and action items
• 🚦 Get real-time employee feedback with post-meeting survey questions
• 📊 Meeting insights: AI-Powered analytics into the conversations you have with your team
• 🗒 Scratchpad: Public and private notes to document important information

We wouldn’t be here without the incredible support from the Product Hunt community so we’re excited that this is the first place we announce all of these new and improved changes. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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