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Hey Product Hunt,

I’m Logan, and I made Thyself, a journaling app.

Recently, I wanted to get into journaling, but I always found the idea of waiting until bedtime to reflect on your whole day intimidating. I wanted a journaling app that could capture my thoughts and experiences in little snippets. What better way to achieve this than to make Thyself look like your typical messaging app. And for those days when you just have nothing to say – I added a catalog of prompts to get you started. You can also insert custom emoticons to track how you’re feeling throughout the day.

⭐️ Prompts
⭐️ Feelings
⭐️ Photos
⭐️ Reminders
⭐️ Calendar
⭐️ Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode Lock
⭐️ Themes

This first release is an MVP, but I have a ton of ideas on how to make it even better. I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, or suggestions!

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