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Hey Product Hunt!

Today we’re excited to announce the newest version of Code Time, our open source plugin for automatic time-tracking and programming metrics.

Code Time 2.0 makes it easier than ever to see all of your coding data and improve as a developer. We’ve added tons of new features to help developers level up faster.

What’s new:

📊 Easily find your coding stats in your editor. Our all-new in-editor UI lets you keep your coding data at your fingertips with the new Code Time panel right in your code editor. You’ll have quick access to your activity metrics like code time, editor time, velocity, and commits—including your daily averages for each.

💪 Set daily coding goals. We make it easy to track your progress and reach your goals. You can now set custom code time and code start time goals each day.

💻 Track code time vs. active code time. Not all development tasks—like debugging or reviewing code—require active coding. Code Time now tracks how much time you spend in your code editor or IDE each day vs. writing code.

📬 Revamped weekly email reports. We’ve redesigned our weekly email reports to send you a summary of your coding activity, top projects, and more—straight to your inbox.

🌙 Sleek new dark theme. Our web app now lets you switch between light and dark themes, so you can check your coding stats with style.

📅 Connect your calendar. Link your Google Calendar to your Software account to visualize your coding sessions and protect code time from meetings.

It’s easy to get started. Simply install the Code Time plugin for your favorite code editor—including VS Code, Atom, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and many other code editors and IDEs.

You get 90 days of free data, then someday in the future you may see a premium version with unlimited data history for a modest charge. For now, it’s all free.

We’d love to hear your feedback and are happy to answer any questions.

Happy coding!

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