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Hey Hunters,

My name is Loic, co-founder of Garnio and Flick. My co-founders and I built Garnio out of the need to reduce churn in our other SaaS platform. Today we hope to help all SaaS platforms reduce churn caused by the Covid-19 crisis and give back to this amazing community.

Garnio allows any SaaS platform to set up a smart cancellation flow in 10 minutes. What is a cancellation flow? And what makes ours smart?

A Garnio cancellation flow takes over your whole cancellation process. When someone clicks that dreaded cancellation button, Garnio asks a set of carefully crafted questions to collect and store feedback on every cancellation.

What comes next is what makes our flows smart. Depending on the reasons given for cancellation Garnio will show different fully customisable alternatives to cancelling.

These alternatives include:
– Discounts
– Free periods
– Contacting support

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working on building a flow specifically for the Covid-19 crisis. Now any SaaS platform can start saving customers completely free of charge.

Your feedback would be extremely useful for us. Our team loves building customer focused products and are looking forward to hearing your feedback good or bad.

As mentioned above, anyone can set up their own smart cancellation flow within 10 minutes and completely free of charge.

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