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Hey PH friends! It’s a thrill and honor to launch today to you all 😊

As @patflynn mentioned above, Fusebox is a BIG upgrade to a product (and company) we’ve been working on for a while.

“Yesterday”, we were a niche WordPress-based podcast player, and that was it. The product solved problems and added value to podcasters like us. We amassed a small and loyal following. It was fun.

But last year, we realized that we felt a calling to do more. Podcasting—as a channel, revenue source, and industry—is BOOMING. That boom has unleashed an onslaught of new challenges, pains, and opportunities. We felt those ourselves. We read about them in the press. And we heard about them directly from our amazing customers and fans.

We sat on all of those feelings, observations, and asks for help (by way of new tech) for a while. Probably for too long, actually. But no longer!

“Today”, we’ve rebranded as Fusebox and declared a bigger mission: to empower podcasters with dynamic technology built to energize audience engagement and drive business results.

What we’re excited to announce today is merely the beginning of our journey as Fusebox.

1. We have enhanced our core product—the Podcast Player (actually 3 players in 1).
2. We are launching our SECOND product—the Podcast Transcript plugin.
3. We are launching a unified account system that includes a FREE(!) tier as well as a Pro tier.

At present, our products remain rooted in WordPress. Our roadmap includes more products for the WordPress ecosystem AS WELL AS building platform-agnostic versions of those same products.

If you see what we see in the industry, and if you feel what we feel in terms of new podcasting challenges, pain points, and opportunities, then we’d love to introduce you to Fusebox.fm!

Questions? Ideas? Asks? Friendly banter? We want it all! Holler in the discussion thread below.

We podcasters are in this together, so let’s do this. Tally ho! 🚀

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