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Hey Hunters!

Business owners spend fortunes on advertising to gain more users for their apps; but to their disappointment, a few days later instead of enjoying their overshooting installs, they notice an increase in uninstalls and users’ churning. Even the hard-earned organic users need to be kept! Because let’s face it, you are not a “business” if you don’t have any users!

⚠️ You may know what to do to keep your users engaged, but can you keep up with the growing workload and communications required to keep them? You must already have a lot on your plate!

Why Hengam?
🏃🏻‍♂️Drop the busy engagement tasks
⏱Less coding, no marketing
💰Start for free, pay as you grow

With Hengam you can:
🤼‍♀️Engage your customers effortlessly and reduce uninstall rate
📊Know your user’s persona, communicate accordingly
📨Send targeted messages to the right user at the right time
💸Regain customer acquisition costs
📲Have an automated push notification tool

Wanna know how it works?👇🏻
Add Hengam’s SDK to your app and let it learn about your users. Hengam predicts when users are at risk of uninstallation, and automatically sends them your creatively prepared messages via push notifications. We call Hengam our “Mr right place at the right time”!💪🏻

Check out our demo dashboard (http://dashboard.hengam.io/signi…), and please, let us know what you think by posting your questions and comments. We’ll be more than happy to answer them!

Right now we support push notifications in android and iOS developed apps, with more features to come (like email and sms automation).

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