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As I’ve nomadically traveled the globe the last 5 years, I’ve come to participate in and learn of so many amazing rituals, from a multitude of different cultures and perspectives of living. Not only do they help solve some of the biggest challenges of what it is to be human, especially in the western world, they also transform the mundane into a life of presence, celebration, and reverence. Consistently using rituals has evolved the way I eat, breathe, am with myself, start and end my day, and how I connect with others.

I’ve searched for a single source of rituals to continue to learn from and grow through, but could not find this resource. So, I created it.

WhichRitual.com is a directory to easily discover rituals that span many cultures. Find one, use one! It can radically improve the quality of your day to day. You can find one based on the Outcome you’re seeking; focus, healing, clearing, grounding, etc. You can sort by Type; breathing, movement, food, sex, meditation, etc. And you can sort by Timing; Morning, evening, weekly, moon cycles, etc. See the steps on how to do it, why do it, how long it takes, where it originates from, and the source it’s found from.

Oh, this is v1 of a passion project and totally free for now. I’d love it if you SHARE IT and help others find rituals for their lives too.

Some exciting updates coming soon, but in the meantime would love feedback, which rituals you’re using, and if you have ideas on how you’d like to collaborate.


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