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Hello everyone, I made this app called Dreeky. I hope it will be useful for you, and even more for this new year’s eve !

My goal was to create a beautiful app, with simple user experience, that allows users to easily find cocktails recipes. I really tried to focus on the design part, as I think that it’s a must have for today’s products.


History of the project :

One day I was at restaurant with my girlfriend, and we wanted to try new cocktails. The problem was that we wanted to see how they look like, and what ingredients they have, before choosing one. Unfortunately, the menu only displayed name, but no detail. We were forced to search on google each cocktail of the menu.. and that was quite boring.

So I had the idea to create an app that contains all cocktails (so everything is in one product), where you can easily find pictures, ingredients, and descriptions of cocktails. I had in mind the idea that cocktails must be find in few seconds, because when you are at a restaurant, you don’t have time to focus on your phone.

Some months after this day, a first version of Dreeky was developed (but I was still working on it). I started to talk about it to friends, and to show them the app, to have their feedback. I also tried to get feedback from people that I didn’t know, because friends always say that what you do is great 😄

I realized that lot of people was interested by knowing which cocktails they can make at home, depending on the ingredients they have. So I decided to add a feature to Dreeky : The bartender page.

I also added a profil page later, where user can see their favorites and their history.


I would love to get feedbacks from you. Let me know if you have any questions !

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