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Happy Halloween Hunters!

It’s time to join the Slayer Army. The amazing Dominik Czernia, a Nuclear Physics Ph.D. student from Krakow and a big sucker for vampires (pun intended) just built this Vampire Apocalypse Calculator based on a mathematical study on differential equations.

It features some preset scenarios from famous fiction novels, inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles among many more.

BUT HOLD ON…THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN. You can even imagine a vampire scenario, set yourself a problem and see if you can find a solution using one or all of the different vampire models. For example, suppose you’re a single vampire in a city of one million people. Can you create a family of vampires that survive without wiping out the humans? How big can your family get? What happens if vampire slayers rise up to stop you? Or are you building the slayer army? it’s up to you.

Czernia’s calculator lets you DESIGN DIFFERENT TYPES OF VAMPIRES, put them in different situations and find out whether they can survive without killing off their human food supply. In other words, if you like vampires, you can have a bloody good time with this calculator.

This is his collaboration with The Omni Calculator Project, there are around 892 more fun, free and simple tools to geek out.

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