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Since we launched last summer, I noticed two problems I wanted to solve. First, other people were discovering and remembering interesting words. But I had no way to discover those people on Yak Tack. So, I built a follow feature to make it easier for people to share words they’re tacking with each other. Here’s what I’m tacking, for example: https://yaktack.com/people/jt. If you sign up you can follow me and find words I’m tacking on the Yak Tack front page.

Next, people from around the world started using Yak Tack to learn English. I wanted to make it easier for them to remember English words, so I added a feature that allows people to translate English words into their native language, then tack that word in that language. Here’s the definition of “aplomb” in Japanese, for example: https://yaktack.com/words/aplomb/ja.

Our mission is to help people remember words through a basic spaced-repetition technique. Questions/doubts/trials/tribulations/ideas? Let me know!

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