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Hey everyone!

It’s Denis, founder of 6nomads — a platform where tech startups hire the best remote engineers and designers. I want to start with the words of Paul Graham from the essay “Startups in 13 Sentences”:

Spend little
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for a startup to be cheap. Most startups fail before they make something people want, and the most common form of failure is running out of money. So being cheap is (almost) interchangeable with iterating rapidly.

“Spend little” today mostly means “hire remote”.
What do you spend most of your investment on? Hiring people. What does the success of a worthwhile idea depend on? On the strongest specialists gathered in one team. How much do the best specialists in the Valley cost? At this very moment, that question is making bank accounts quiver in fear and purse strings tighten.

With the understanding of this importance, we are launching our Early Stage Program for companies that currently have up to $1M in funding and are less than 2 years old. For startups that meet these criteria, our service will be 10 times cheaper than for large businesses — $475 per hire.

Five steps not to postpone, but to act as long as the offer is relevant:
1. Create an account.
2. Apply for Early Stage.
3. Start trial.
4. Join hiring-sprints. (We streamline a list of great candidates and launch a sprint every 2 weeks with 6 new specialists)
5. Choose your preferred candidate for just $475 from options located around the world.

It’s so natural to launch a global company with an international remote team from scratch.

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