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Hi everyone,

This product has been in the works for some time now so I’m super excited to finally release it…

The idea behind TARS Meeting Chatbots is simple. When your lead is ready to book a sales call/meeting with you, a friendly chatbot helps them schedule it through a conversation. The bots are integrated with Google Calendar so they only display your available slots (preventing you from getting overbooked) and they automatically send out a Google Calendar event invite to all the attendees so that they don’t forget about the meeting

We built this product out of necessity.

We were already capturing email leads through our chatbot but found that many would drop off in the inevitably messy email back and forth where we’d try to schedule a time to talk.

By adding a native Google Calendar integration into our bots, we can book the appointment right when the lead is giving us their email. The end result has been fewer email threads, a faster sales cycle, and more demo calls.

If you run a business that depends on meetings with your clients, we’d be thrilled if you tried out this product and gave us your feedback to make it better. We’d even be willing to build your first meeting chatbot for you.

As always, feel free to ask us questions below.


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