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Hi there!

This is Maarten from Tripetto. I’ve been happily working with WordPress for creating appealing websites for quite some years now, but when it comes to forms things always got a bit boring.

I came across Tripetto a few months ago on Product Hunt when they launched their free web app and got hooked on their visual drawing board for form building. Not much later after reaching out to them I teamed up with the Tripetto developers to create the WordPress plugin, and today we are proudly launching it here on Product Hunt!

We are very excited to hear what you WordPress developers and admins think and we’re eager to see your feedback here in the comments.

We hope to be extending the plugin very actively going forward and we invite users to submit feature requests though our Gitlab repo (the plugin is completely open source, so have a look if you want).

Cheers from Amsterdam, Maarten

P.S. Your first form comes with complimentary Premium features, so go check it out!

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