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Hey everyone! Cedric from api.video here 👋

Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us!

After launching the video-on-demand methods few months ago, we’re glad to present you the new live streaming capabilities!

With api.video you can now easily add streaming features in your existing apps or software with just few line of codes: https://docs.api.video
We’ll handle everything from encoding the original feeds to deliver them to your audiences, even in 4K, wherever they are and provide you complete and detailed analytics in real time.

A single API to manage on-demand and live streaming videos and reach your audiences.

We kept in mind the idea that the API should be dead simple to integrate. To offer the best development experience possible, we launched the sandbox and published a pack of methods for Postman to ease your integration: https://documenter.getpostman.co…

api.video counts already +1’000 developers, I’d love to count you among our extraordinary users and get your feedback about this new service!



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