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Joshua Bitossi

Hey Product Hunt,

I use Slack a lot. And I work across many timezones. One thing I’ve always been mindful of is messaging people at midnight (which happens a lot being in Austalia).

It’s not an efficient way for remote teams to work. And I recognised that people often feel obliged to answer quickly. Which means I’m not respecting their time and they’re not giving their most thought out answer, or I’m working at weird times to keep the conversation going.

If I could schedule messages – I could provide quick updates to people when I know they’ll be using Slack already. And I could batch these future conversations to make sure I stay focused and not distracted by Giphy.

Previous solutions to this problem all relied on bots, storing messages or just setting up reminders. It very recently became possible to do this all natively in Slack, and so I jumped at the opportunity to make it happen.

/schedule is very new, but already being used by dozens of teams. There’s lots I’ll be working on in the coming weeks like better date parsing, better utilization of timezones, and better message feedback when scheduling.

But as usual, it’s always great to get feedback from Product Hunt!

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