The Chrome Extension – AI Meeting Scheduling Assistant – Evotik

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We help people schedule their meetings. Whether that be through a shareable calendar page, a slash command or by emailing or slacking (is that a word) our agents Amy or Andrew. On that note, we are launching a NEW chrome extension which provides easy access to your fixed meeting type URL and their slash commands, say:…

.. and be nice, before you spam me with requests 😉
BUT it also provides easy access to your slash commands, say:

“Amy, set up a chat with Chris on /200broadway please”
“Amy, set up a /zoom call with the folks from the Samsung team”

I encourage you to install it (I could be biased of course) – and if you are not part of the family yet, we run a NO CC two-week trial 🙂

* This comes along with the ability to see and take action on any other ad-hoc meetings Amy and Andrew might be negotiating as well of course.

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