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👋 Hi PH,

⁉️ Problem
I’m working most of the time from a coffee shop with my laptop and I’m going to the toilet time to time.
But I’m 😓 worried that someone can 👺 steal my laptop while I’m away.

🛠 Solution

I tried to find some existing solutions but no one didn’t satisfy me. Existing apps or too expensive (monthly subscription), not supported anymore or does not work as I want. For example not playing the alarm sound when the display is closed so the thief could run away.

So I decided to make my own perfect macOS alarm app.

How does this work?

If someone tries to steal my laptop (disconnect from the charger or close the display), MacBook Alarm detects it and sounds an alarm and send a push notification to Telegram so I can capture the bad guy!

🎬 Here is a video demo:

I making this launch live in Twitch.

This app is a part of my Hard Core Year – I 😱 quit my job and I have 1 year to get to 📈 profit as an Indie Maker. You can Read my story.

Thanks, @rdev, and @gerasim_sergey who help with code.

🙏 Let me know your feedback.

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