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Dear Makers and Product Hunters,

I am Shreyas, designer of Udugore.Social, a decentralized peer to peer crowdfunding platform for social gifting or donation.

What does decentralized crowdfunding platform mean?
Unlike existing crowdfunding platforms Udugore.Social acts as an enabler for running crowdfunding campaigns in Donation model and does not control or charge for its service.
The community comes together to run, manage and monitor social campaigns.
It is completely free to create and run a crowdfunding campaign on Udugore.Social.

Most of the existing crowdfunding platforms charge some percentage of money collected as part of the campaign for the services provided. Minimum of 5% and extends 13.5% or more based on services opted. This is done without any preset cap.
While trying to raise funds for friend’s medical emergency, we found it is faster to transfer funds directly to his account using existing payment interfaces and the entire amount would be available for the person in need.
We leveraged the social media platform for communication. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms acted as channels for spreading the message similar to word of mouth but with wider reach.
Udugore.Social uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and UPI payment interfaces to run campaigns @Zero cost.

Basic Foundation.
Raising funds from friends and family is comparatively easier as compared to complete strangers. This is because of inherent trust.
Udugore.Social’s intention is to extend this trust to larger social circle.
Trust, the foundation behind creating and running a campaign on Udugore.Social.

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