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Hey PH!

We know this isn’t the first ever forms-as-a-service tool. It’s not even the first one to hit PH. We built it a few years ago because we had tried all the others and they were all lacking. Complicated pricing schemes… unreliable email delivery… no dashboard… no Zapier… exposing your email address right in the URL… we had to make our own tool.

So, we’ve finally released FieldGoal! It’s been in beta for years but we’ve got a fresh new design, a completed Zapier integration, a dashboard for managing form submissions and spam controls and form-specific settings, and more.

📘Common use cases
The most common use case for a tool like FieldGoal is when you’re building a static web site and need a contact form and you don’t want to waste your time setting it up, hooking it into email, creating a dashboard, managing spam, setting up an email sending tool, etc.

🔮Clever ideas
But I also just used it recently to build a simple poll on my site (using our free JavaScript package “easy-embeddable-polls”,…). We have some folks talking about using it for WordPress form submissions. And we’re excited to brainstorm new ways to use it in creative JavaScript packages.

🔀Simple setup
It couldn’t be easier to point a brand new form to FieldGoal, and once you’ve done that, you can use Zapier to send your data anywhere you want. Even without Zapier, you can get an emailed copy of every form submission and you can see all of your form submissions in a beautiful, responsive dashboard.

All of this and more is available at simple, affordable pricing plans. We hope you’ll check it out:

Here’s one thing I would love to hear from you: Are there other clever tools we could build (like the easy-embeddable-polls) that builds on a tool like this? Are there any features you’ve been dying to see in a tool like this? Or are there any markets you think that form-as-a-service tools have been failing to consider? Thanks so much!

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