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Hi @amrith thanks for highlighting the project!

We’ve designed seven autonomous vehicles as a visual exploration of how fully autonomous vehicles could one day enable a more fulfilling, everyday life.

Alongside the designs themselves, we’ve launched a SPACE10 app where you can experience booking a Space on Wheels in Augmented Reality. The new SPACE10 app lets you book your own Space on Wheels and explore it from every angle in Augmented Reality. Download the app and experience the future of urban mobility.

We are on the verge of what could be the most significant period of change in the automobile industry. Technologies like electrification and connected and automated driving are making notable progress. One day, in the not so distant future, fully autonomous vehicles could be a common occurence on our everyday streets. This would not only change how people and goods move around our cities, but also redefine the very fabric of our daily lives.

The day fully autonomous vehicles hit our streets is the day cars are not cars anymore. The primary function of transportation disappears to give rise to other functions. Comparing an autonomous vehicle to a car will be like comparing a car to a horse: it will be something different altogether. So, what would we like it to be? That is what we want to trigger conversations about with our seven autonomous vehicle designs.

Specifically, we’d like to make more and more people think about the vast promises surrounding what fully autonomous electric vehicles could enable: from increased safety on roads to better health in cities, greater convenience, more efficiency, reduced environmental impact and increased mobility for more people, we aim to elicit a broader dialogue on how we should perceive and design these spaces.

Ultimately, Spaces on Wheels invites more people to envision the profound paradigm shift the development of self-driving cars could have on our everyday lives.

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