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Hi all!

I am the maker of Mars or Earth.

Mars or Earth is a comment-crowdsourcing app which aim to gather comments on the Mars photos to help the scientists advance their research on space exploration. You can click on the photos and comment on the photo you find interesting. All comments will be posted on the Twitter account @teammarsorearth for all to view and share.

I believe that humans terraforming Mars is an important task. Currently there is still little interest in the space industry.

There are 2 main reasons,
1. As aforementioned, there are so many photos sent back by the Curiosity Rover everyday. There is a very very slim chance where the staff at NASA may miss out certain details in the photos which MAY make a difference to our mission to colonise the Red Planet. By creating a platform for people to browse through the photos and post comments on the photos conveniently, we effectively increase our chances to spot any anomalies on Mars.

2. Generate interest in space exploration. Interplanetary colonisation is a far-fetched notion to many but it is an ambition we should all aspire towards. It may be a mission which will last through 2 or more generations of people yet we should treat it seriously. Resources on Earth will run out eventually and it is high-time to look for sustenance for our future generations. The space community is still relatively small and more work can be done to get more people interested in the space industry.

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