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Donate more with Halo when you shop on Amazon™!

Disclaimer: Halo for Amazon is not affiliated with Amazon, AmazonSmile, Amazon Affiliates, or any of its subsidiaries.

Amazon's Smile program, which donates 0.5% of anything purchased is great, but the potential for donation is much greater at up to 10% of every purchase being donated. This extension automatically routes you to Smile, but more importantly allows you to donate more when shopping on Amazon by managing charity affiliate tags on your purchases. Amazon Affiliates can earn between 1 and 10% of any purchases with their tags on it for 24 hours, so many charities opt to offer this as a way of supporting them.

However, it can be easy to forget to use these tags and to use Smile, so often a lot of potential free donations and support go to waste. That's where Halo comes in! By default, it will automatically choose one of your selected (or default) charities and keep track of when the 24 hours is up. If the 24 hours has passed, it will automatically add another one of the configured tags without you needing to do anything. Alternatively, you can manually change which charity is currently supported through the extension popup (which is enabled by clicking the Halo icon in the top right of your Chrome browser).

Download today and start donating for free when you shop on Amazon!

-- Features --
 • Add/remove your own charities (or YouTubers, Twitch streamers, etc.) in settings page
 • Extension will ask if you'd like to change tag instead of automatically overriding when another affiliate refers you to Amazon
 • Calculates how much a product will donate based on Amazon's Affiliate rules
 • View on the product page how much a product will donate
 • On checkout, see how much you will be donating
 • Keeps track of how much you and the world has donated

-- Known Issues --
None at this time 🙂

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