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For those who haven’t got 150 seconds to spare, here is the 90 Second quick introduction to PAQ:

We travel all the time. In fact, 4 Billion people travel on airplane every year.
Whether it’s a business trip, a long-planned family trip, or a weekend getaway, most of us needs to pack.  

Packing is a boring, time-consuming task. We all have better things to do than planning what to bring and folding everything carefully into a small bag only to be unpacked again.

Bring PAQ with you the next time you pack!
Bring PAQ with you the next time you pack!

 Added to the inconvenience is the concern that our stuff will not get there safely.
Many of us have been there. Whether it’s a broken sunglasses or a spilled shampoo bottle, it can spoil the whole trip and makes us regret not putting more care into packing.

Did you know that 20 million luggages are lost every year?
No one knows how many more are mistreated.
We’ve heard horror stories of how our bags are thrown around, dragged and shoved into cargo.
We see battle scars on our luggages.

 We try to protect them by wrapping.
But what do we do to protect our valuable stuff inside?

 How we pack  

We roll, we fold, we bundle
We pick the smallest bag possible so that the bag is a tight fit and won’t have empty space inside for things to tumble into a big mess.

We take precautions. placing each item into the bag with space maximization in mind, wrapping anything breakable with shirts and pajamas, zip-locking all the bottles, cover our shoes with plastic bags to protect our cloths from dirt and shoeprints, etc.

This practice can take a lot of time, especially when you have 10 different bottles of lotions and perfumes that is somehow all essential.

Some take 2 hours just to pack. My girlfriend did and we missed our flight to Belgium.

Some just grab everything they need and shove it all into the bag. I know I did, and it costed me my good camera lens.

The Game Changer  

Wouldn’t it be better if we can choose any bag we want, fill it up with everything we need, and never have to worry about anything again? No spill, no broken glass, no wrinkled cloths.
PaQ lets you do exactly that, and more….

PAQ Protects your stuff!
PAQ Protects your stuff!
Pack Faster, Protect stuff from damage, Arrival notification. What more do you need?
Pack Faster, Protect stuff from damage, Arrival notification. What more do you need?

*PaQ lets you pack faster!    

**PaQ protects your stuff from damage, spill, crease, and even theft!

***PaQ Notifies you when your bag arrives at the pickup carousel, so you don’t need to stand there waiting!

Smartphone notification lets you know when your bag arrives
Smartphone notification lets you know when your bag arrives

 Packing with PaQ is simple;

1. Pick a luggage

2. Fill it with all the stuff you need

3. Spread PaQ over the content.

4. Press the big yellow button (or use PaQ mobile app)

5. PaQ will auto-inflate until the bag is filled.’’

Packing with PAQ, No straps required.
Packing with PAQ, No straps required.

 How PaQ Works  

PaQ expands and fill any remaining space inside your luggage, creating a tight cushioning fit. The tight fit that PaQ creates holds and protects everything in the bag together through bumps and swings. So, when you get to your hotel room, your stuff will also get there in one piece.

 How about the return trip? When our bags are so filled with souvenirs and crumpled clothes? No worries! PaQ can be folded to as small as a rolled T-shirt to save space.  

Because no one wants to be that person with too many layers of cloths.
Because no one wants to be that person with too many layers of cloths.

 PaQ can be used on all sorts of bags. So, wherever you go, however you plan to get there, PaQ has got you covered.  

*PaQ helps protect your stuff inside a luggage/case.

**PaQ keeps your duffle bag/backpack in shape all the time.

***PaQ tracks your baggage’s whereabout and notify you.

PaQ does all this while needing minimal input from you. Guaranteeing to save you time, protects your stuff and lets you focus on your vacation.

So, the next time you pack, just PaQ and Go

 PaQ is powered by 2 AA batteries,

Why not rechargeable Lithium battery you ask? Well there are two main reasons:

1. Lithium batteries loses their charge over time and are completely drained within 3-6 months. In a time when there are dozens of things we have to recharge every night (Smartphone, smartwatches, power-bank, tablets, camera battery, another power-bank, another camera battery, a laptop, headphone, portable speaker, etc.) We simply do not have enough electrical socket. PaQ can last over 

2 years without needing a new battery, even if you use it every week!
2. Lithium batteries are banned from check-in baggage. This regulation is relatively new but is starting to become international standard. The reason being that Lithium batteries (especially low-quality ones) can burst into flame. Alkaline battery is allowed on all flights.

 We also create an app-controlled version of PaQ that lets you operate, track, and get notified on your luggage’s whereabouts. The model will be available as a stretch goal since we’ll need to reach the minimum capacity to mass-produce the circuit boards.

With TrackPaQ, you’ll be able to track the location of your luggage and be notified when your luggage is in range. This frees you from the much-hated never-ending luggage-watching crowd at the airport. 

Now you can just sit, relax, and wait for the prompt on your smartphone.


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