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“The scariest thing about building something new is wondering if people will want it.”

I’ve been working with software companies for 10+ years. Whenever it’s time to build a new product, people ask the same questions:

  • Which target market should we focus on initially?
  • What are the big struggles they’re wrestling with?
  • How can we help them overcome those obstacles?
  • How are we going to compete with so many other apps in our space?
  • How do we know if we’re on the right path with product/market fit?

Everyone wants to know the same thing:

How do I validate my product idea?

Nobody wants to work on an app for months (or years!) only to launch it and discover it’s not wanted.

How the Product Validation Checklist works

I started advising startups, like Podia, in 2012. Over these years, I’ve developed a system for listening to a market and building things they want. Initially, it was just a list of steps in a document that I would go through with a client. But now, I’m working on a new SaaS called, and I wanted a formal system for tracking our progress.

So I built an interactive checklist. It looks like this:

Product Validation Checklist


It’s designed to help you:

  • Rationally evaluate your ideas (and eject early if you need to)
  • Reduce your fear of failure.
  • Ensure you don’t waste time and energy working on the wrong thing.
  • Stay accountable for talking to your users!

At each step, you’ll be asked to do research, and record your findings:

Product research: your target market

Currently, 107 people are using the checklist to track their progress.

★★★★★ “The worksheet format helped me make sure I’m not just jumping into an exciting idea but that I have clear motivation and perspective. Every product maker needs to follow steps like these. Easily worth the price.” – Jarrod Drysdale,

Who is the Product Validation Checklist for?

Anyone can use the checklist to validate their idea, but it’s working best for these folks:

  • Freelancers and consultants who are looking to make the jump to product.
  • Teams with an existing product or service, and are looking to build something new.
  • Experienced software developers who are skilled at building apps, have a big list of ideas, and want to validate the right one.

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