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Remote user testing videos with just a link

Focus on learning—not logistics

Create your test link and start learning in minutes—not weeks

Share with your target users and get in-context screen & voice recordings

Settle debates with your team with shareable test results

Start a user test in seconds
—not weeks.

Create your unique test link in seconds to send to your users through the channels you already engage them on.

Don’t want to recruit your own users? Check out UserLook

Frictionless experience for your test participants

With just a web link, your users can start recording their screen and voice in seconds. They can then upload it after completing your questions/tasks (no clunky software to install).*

*Currently available for Desktop Chrome and iOS users

Inspire your team with real user stories.

Get your team “out of the building” and get alignment through your users by simply sharing a link of your test results link.

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